miércoles, septiembre 21, 2011

Almost Alone With My Thoughts on Advertizing

I am stuck in my office, dogsitting Rufus while the cable guy is here. We thought the cable guy was done, so we let Rufus back inside, but then the cable guy came back!! Rufus went flying across the room, teeth bared, ready to attack . . . or just sniff. Anyway, the cable guy was scared, so Rufus and I are now stuck in my office. Just as well, since I've had some blog-worthy thoughts today. For reasons out of my control, I found myself watching a daytime talk show, and I'd say it was maybe a half a step above an infomercial. The advertisers have caught on to us, those of us who watch TV and skip the commercials. These advertisers are creative wonders, in a way. The show I watched today had such obvious and obnoxious product placement, that I may as well have been reading a catalogue of advertisements. If I watched that show regularly, I think I would also hang pictures on my wall of the black and white model families. I say if you're going to buy into consumerism, do it all the way!

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