miércoles, septiembre 14, 2011

Having Future Plans and Hope

In light of bridesmaids' expenses, I have been watching my spending. The first thing to go was Starbucks. I also started a rigorous (depending on how you define it) walking program in preparation for my friend's big day. I found after a few weeks that I had more energy, and a generally heightened sense of well being, accompanied by a lack of malaise. I rashly attributed this happy happenstance to the avoidance of caffeine. However, upon further reflection, I have come to believe with all my heart that it is the decrease in my spending habits that has contributed so much to my happiness. There is the savings at Starbucks, which is not insignificant. There is also the quite substantial savings I have made by adding to my reading collection (autobiographies of comedians and other funny people on TV) by buying used on Amazon as opposed to paying full retail. It's not (just) that I'm a cheapskate or penny pincher; each time I save, I remember the reason that I am saving, and that is so that I can fully participate in my friend's great day.

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amy dijo...

Not to minimize your friends big day or the importance and value of wise money managment... no event is worth giving up for those special walks, just you and Rufus to the Starbucks-sitting in quiet contemplation of your suroundings and all the happenings in the lives of the people who also suround you. I value to much your thoughts, that probably mostly come to you at the Starbucks, to give that small indulgence up for a few dollors saved for the big day. Love you Jen and go to Starbucks. Enjoy!

The White Wave dijo...

OK, your wish is my command, and . . . thank you.