lunes, noviembre 14, 2011

Getting Older and Confused Can be Embarrassing . . . and Hilarious.

My Friend and I went to Chipotle tonight. We usually go to Qdoba, which is EXACTLY the same as Chipotle, except what is called a Burrito Bowl at Chipotle is called a Burrito, Naked style, at Qdoba. We were in a pretty serious conversation when it was our turn to order. I was flustered when the guy asked me what I wanted. I said, "Burrito Bowl", and then, in my confusion, just to clarify, I added, "Naked!" It was then that I looked on the menu and found that "burrito bowl" would have been sufficient. After that, I was completely dazed. I had just yelled out, "Naked!" for no reason. I wondered if the guy taking my order thought I was just some funny lady who yells out, "Naked!" every once in a while.

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hahaha! Where's John?

The White Wave dijo...

"I'll be quiet."