jueves, noviembre 10, 2011

Name-Dropping: Famous Friends

I'm currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, who, as you may remember from my previous post, would have been my BFF in high school except for a few extenuating circumstances (and the fact that "BFF" wasn't a thing when I was a high-schooler.) Today, I came across this quote: "I respond very well to people being overly familiar with me a little too soon." Whew! What a relief! "Why?", you ask? Well, because I left a note on her blog, theconcernsofmindykaling.com today. Yes, I know that was weird, but I since I have a computer and access to the innermost thoughts and feelings of the girl who would undoubtedly have been my best friend in high school if the planets were more aligned, I figured, "What the heck?" I know, I know. I probably overthought that. What's done is done. I don't know a lot about TV celebrity stuff, but based on what I've seen on Bravo, Mindy herself will probably never see my witty little note, but there's always a chance. And, seeing my note may make her jump over to my blog and see how charming and funny I am, and I will soon be a famous spokesperson or author.
My fantasy friends also includes Lisa Whelchel of Facts of Life fame. Now, she is not entirely fantasy to me. She actually came into my work once, and I swooned at this high-school peer who had shown me the ropes along with her friends, Jo, Tooty, and Natalie, all wisely counseled by Mrs. Garrett (who I saw in person once at a religious retreat center. Seriously. I live in L.A. We see famous people.) Lisa wrote a great book that I read and now refer back to all the time. It's called Friendship For Grown-Ups.
One famous friend and author that I actually know-because we went to high school together for, like, three months-is Wendy Hagen, author of Totally Desperate Mom. The book is hilarious and moving, and Wendy also has a great blog. I can't recall the name of it right now (try totallydesperatemom), but it is GREAT. Trust me.
While I wait to be discovered, along with everyone else in L.A., I will just be an unfamous friend, the funny lady who takes her dog for a drive when she doesn't feel like going for a walk.

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