miércoles, diciembre 28, 2011

New Year, New Look, Never a New Name.

I read the foreword to The Happiness Project while Mr. M was in an Apple store, and the author was writing about pursuing your passion and investing in it. My passion (one of them) is writing. So I mixed things up a bit with the colors of my blog. The name of the blog, though, will never change. The reasons are threefold: First, I am getting older and I don't want to forget the name of my blog. Second, my readers are getting older and I don't want them to forget the name of my blog. The third and strongest reason is that one of my smartest friends knew right away that the blog name was inspired by The Wind in the Willows. I am not very sentimental, but it gives me a warm feeling knowing that my friend knows me so well. So The Adventurous Life of Mine is a tribute to my good friend, TDF.

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Teri dijo...

What a happy post and a happy name! I'm glad to be on the adventure with you. : )

The White Wave dijo...

Thanks for reading-this and other good, published, classic literature.