viernes, enero 13, 2012

Lemon in Iced Tea, or The Best of Both Worlds

Thank God for new beginnings! I feel like I've made the fresh, new start I've always been curious about. I've often wondered what it would be like to move and start all over with new friends and a new church, etc. I've pretty much done that, and I didn't have to move out of our comfy little home or leave our friends. I've made some great new friends, and Mr. M and I are on staff with our church's college ministry, which gives us a plethora of new experiences. I am glad that I didn't have to move to add those new elements to my life. I love our home. Mr. M and I have lived here since the day we were married, and every one of our friends has come over for dinner or a movie or a cup of tea, or all three. We love our church and are established there. We are enjoying the life we've always led, now with a fresh, new twist. Like a refreshing slice of lemon in a glass of regular (but still good!) iced tea.

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Diana Hayes dijo...

Hi Jennifer. I laughed all the way out to my car after telling me about the meeting you would like to have with me and some other people. Ha Ha!! By the time I actually got into the car, the lactic acid buildup in my stomach was causing somewhat of a cramp. Thank you for having me over to your home for tea. It was neat seeing your home and getting to know you more =) I have been warned sufficiently about the weirdness I may encounter, as we were discussing some issues, and I just want you to know, I better be warned of it in myself....Ha ha Well, I look forwrad to a time when we may have to have with some other people over lunch. Yes...that it encounter =) Love in Christ, Diana Hayes