jueves, febrero 02, 2012

A Place for Laughing out Loud.

I am sometimes introspective and pensive. Other times, though, I can only throw my arms up in the air with abandon and laugh out loud . . . and I want to share those laughing times with my friends and blog readers. I enjoy knowing that I can boost my readers' immunity, and lower their blood pressure and cortisol levels. By laughing at my silly stories, my readers will benefit from an increased tolerance for pain. Plus, laughing is just plain fun!
In my efforts to get more exposure for my blog, I've created miniature versions of my blog on several blog hosting sites. These are just a few select posts, the elite, if you will. It is a nice change to write for my own blog (affectionately known as TALoM) as a gift to my friends and readers. The way I see it is this: the "best of The White Wave" posts that I put on the 3 meta-blog sites is me, in a dress, at church, listening to a sermon. All the posts that I write here are me, in my sweats, at home, watching The Kardashians. This blog, my blog, TALoM, is a complete representation of me and all the various thoughts that run through my head during the day.
TALoM is my heart, the sharing of my life with my friends. A few readers have followed my life in prose for the entire 6 years that I've been blogging, others have just recently joined me in my literary adventures. To all of you, I say thanks for sharing my adventurous life!

If you are new to The Adventurous Life of Mine, and you like what you see, please feel free to become a follower so that you can come back and make yourself at home here.

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