miércoles, febrero 22, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday.

Today I celebrate. It is no holiday. It is just a day, a bright, sunny day. It is the day that the Lord has made. And I have a hankering to walk down to Starbucks later and try a tall raspberry mocha while I sit in the sun reading about poetry. Within my happiness, I do not deny that there is misery in the world. I know my friend is dying of cancer, and it makes me sad . . . but I also know that God is sovereign and good. I know that people are starving in Africa (and here), but once again my faith in God allows me to enjoy my life and thank God for all the beautiful gifts He's given me. Today, I celebrate. Today I will not worry about my husband driving (as I usually do), today I will not think about "what ifs." I will take a walk in the sun, have a cool drink, and thank God for all the good gifts I have and pray honestly about the scary things.

3 comentarios:

Debbie Crawford dijo...

Yes...pray about the most scary things. Enjoy your day!

The White Wave dijo...

Thank you.

Laurie dijo...

Simply and beautifully expressed.