jueves, abril 19, 2012

Friends, In Order of Importance

I do like lists. I like categories for everything. I don't like any confusion or discombobulation in my life. I prize punctuality. I like my calendar and my life to be well organized. I do many spontaneous activities, but my spontaneity is planned. I hate flakiness, and do all I can to avoid it. This runs in my family. Of all the amazing things my mom taught me, a priority was teaching me to be a responsible adult. I think her lessons stuck. I even like to organize my friends. I must say I am realistically ruthless when it comes to maintaining a sensible number of cyber friends on social media sites. I like to think I am tender and loving, but there is also a sharp machete always at the ready, ready at any time to trim anything unnecessary and unprofitable from my life. I think I am practical above all; not cold-hearted, but definitely practical. This is most obvious in the list of bookmarks on my computer screen. If you have been reading my blog for more than a short while, you know that I launched a full-blown plot not long ago to get my blog read and noticed widely. I've begun following others'-strangers'-blogs (which goes against all my previously held principles) to this end. Now is the fun task of listing the importance of these strangers' blogs, and where they rank in relation to my friends' blogs. I find on the one hand that while I want to get more readers for my blog, I also don't want to exploit my friends-that-I-haven't-met by following their blogs just so they'll follow mine. It's a real philosophical conundrum. What do you think?

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