miércoles, mayo 16, 2012

Broadcasting Thoughts

I just finished Leap Years by Katharine Lanpher. It is the story of a woman whose career took her from Chicago to New York. She started as a radio host for a public station in Chicago. The thought of her saying a thought out loud, and being instantly heard by an audience of hundreds was amazing. It reminded me very much of my blog, and how, as much as I love writing the blog, just the idea of broadcasting my thoughts instantly to an audience in the millions (or an audience of 12) fascinates me. I love to talk about my blog, not because I'm such a great writer who has wonderful and amazing thoughts that will save the world and end poverty and hunger and make everyone beautiful, but I just find the idea of sharing private thoughts publicly fascinating. It is always interesting to consider the pros and cons of communicating via blog. My best friends don't need to read my blog, because they already know anything important I have to say. On the other hand, my friends don't need to ask me what I've been thinking about lately, because it's on my blog . . . but I'd rather converse with them and talk with them in person. And then there's another thought, and that is that I need to be pretty general and vague in my blog, but still interesting. When you talk with people, you edit yourself according to the person you are talking to. You may leave out a detail, or lay special emphasis on another detail. Blog posts aren't personalized for each reader, so care must be taken to make your story appropriate and enjoyable for any reader. How do you prefer to communicate?

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