jueves, mayo 10, 2012

Dream Job

I am on a constant lookout to find my dream job. It is very specific. First, I definitely want Sundays off. We are involved with church, and the day is set aside for resting in God's grace - usually with friends and food. I would also want Saturdays off, to spend time with Mr. M. I don't want to have to wake up too early, and I definitely don't want any kind of commute. Walking distance is preferable. I also want to be able to dine with Mr.M, so anything that would require my presence after 5 is unacceptable. As we are busy with family, ministry, travel, Korean B.B.Q, and other things that come up, I'd need to be able to take as much time off as I need, without being given any grief. I do realize my demands are rather high, but not impossible. Mr. M and I were at a large bookstore this weekend when my eyes fell on a brightly-colored book about body language. I walked away, and as I did so, I overheard a woman telling the sales clerk that she was looking for a book on facial recognition. The clerk had no idea what the lady was looking for, but I went back to the brightly-colored book and, sure enough, there was a chapter on facial recognition. I surreptitiously grabbed the book and found the lady who had been asking about facial recognition. The sales lady was at a store computer with her, saying they'd have to order something. The lady didn't want to wait; she wanted a book now. I waited for a break in the conversation, and I timidly showed the lady the brightly-colored book and asked her if that was what she was looking for. It was exactly what she was looking for. She thanked me profusely, and asked me if I did that (pairing people with books) for a living. I told her I'd love to if people paid me for it, but they don't, so I just do it for a favor.

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Alida dijo...

Working in a bookstore or pairing people up with jobs really would be a dream!

The White Wave dijo...

Yes, nothing makes me feel more productive than suggesting to someone the perfect book for them.