miércoles, mayo 09, 2012

Stayin' Alive . . . ah,ah,ah,ah, . . . stayin' Aliiiiiive

This is going to be my goal for the next few days. My good friend is getting married, and the least I can do for her is to be present and alive for the event. I plan to do much more than that; God willing, I will precede her down the aisle wearing the delicate and beautiful red dress we meticulously picked out months ago. As the dress will show off my arms, I have been doing push-ups and tricep dips every day. I have also begun a (not so) rigorous jogging routine. I've been prepping myself for the day. I've been practicing making small talk with out-of-towners since I read that that is part of the bridesmaid's job description. However much planning and prepping I do, though, the day is still in God's almighty hands. I have a health condition that renders me totally incapable at times, without warning. I have been fine and symptom-free for the past few months; but the past couple of days has been different. I have had symptoms, and for no apparent reason. I can only pray, and ask you to do the same, that the wedding and the wedding party will all be as planned, and my friend and her new husband will live happily ever after. My goal for now is to heed the song, and to trust and believe that "I WILL SURVIVE."

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