martes, mayo 08, 2012

Up Too Late

I've read more than once that 80% of faithfulness is just showing up. As Mr. M and I seek to be faithful in our new ministry to the college kids, our first step is just showing up-showing up to the Bible Study and to church, but also showing up to Korean B.B.Q., and going out for boba at 10 pm with a bunch of too-smart Asian kids. This even goes back to my last post, about staying up (and going out) way past our normally scheduled bed time. After the Korean B.B.Q. last night (our first! A story in itself.), we went across town-at 10 pm-to spend some time with the kids at a rented house, eating ice cream. (Another good opportunity to notice the night sky!) So we are taking baby steps that will lead to faithfulness in this unique ministry.

2 comentarios:

Debbie Crawford dijo...

An indigenous missionary at work.:)May God bless you and your husband's ministry to these young people.

The White Wave dijo...

I've thought the same thing! We don't leave our own city, yet we are spending a lot of time with a new culture, and a different age group. Thanks for the encouragement.