domingo, mayo 06, 2012

Sunday's Reflections on Saturday's Super Moon.

I got home late on Saturday night, and wrote (in my journal) a post for Monday. (I like to give my computer the weekends off.) I wrote about the moon and how I haven't given it too much notice lately; it's rare now that I'm out late enough to appreciate the night sky. Now that Mr. M and I are on staff with the college group, though, there have been plenty of opportunities for late-night stargazing. Well, after writing my thoughts and making my plans for a Monday publication, I found out today that Saturday's moon was no normal moon-it was the Super Moon. Our pastor mentioned it. Some scientific phenomenon (you can read about it for yourself if you so desire--I just take the pastor's word for it) caused the moon to be 30% brighter than normal, and appear to be 14% larger than normal. So I guess there was more reason than usual to notice the moon. The night sky is always nice to see, but last night it was especially Super.

I have four more posts all ready to go, but I think I ought to pace myself. I am torn about that; on the one hand, I always fear that I may die unexpectedly and leave unwritten posts behind, posts that would undoubtedly edify my readers and save the world. I feel it is only fair to share my genius. On the other hand, I want to pace my posts so that readers don't get overwhelmed, and also because it seems to make more sense to me to dole out my magnificent thoughts in bite-size portions. On the other hand, I don't want my brain to be so full of unwritten posts that there is no room for anything else. Whether my decision is the right one or not, I don't know. One thing I do know is that I have made my decision for better or worse. (I hope it is for better.)

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