viernes, mayo 04, 2012

My Midway Life

No, this isn't another post about my years as a hog caller and juggler in the circus. This is about my life midway between the hip urbanites just to the south of me, and the desert dwellers to the north. I sure do have fun spending days near Hollywood, hanging out at the Starbucks where stars go, seeing a neurologist at the renown hospital where Michael Jackson died and then witnessing his funeral from the hospital room where my friend lay recovering from an operation. Those days are fun, but they are rare.
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the sparsely populated desert, with vast tracts of land. I have more than a few friends there, too; and they are surprisingly normal. The desert seems to have a way of doing funny things to a person's mind, but my friends have withstood. They have true American pioneer spirit.
Then there is me . . . and about a million other people, who live right in the middle. I guess we're all afraid of commitment. We like to be close to the city, close enough that star-struck relatives ask us if we saw any celebrities this month, but not so close that we live amongst gunplay. We also like to be close enough to the vast desert lands, so that we can go there to think and get away from it all, but still close enough to home that we can leave before we go crazy. The middle seems to be just right for me . . . for me and Goldilocks.

3 comentarios:

Beautifully Vu dijo...

just right - is a great place to be!

When a Picture Just Isn't Enough dijo...

Your desert-dwelling friends are "surprisingly normal"?!

The White Wave dijo...

Most of them.