lunes, mayo 21, 2012

Musical Monday

Ah, memories! The smile Gloria Estefan's voice puts on my face, even as I am falling asleep. The way she can make the rhythm "get me", and my feet start moving to the beat. The way, when I'm making dinner, that I sing loudly into the spatula with her. I love Gloria Estefan. It was on one of our first dates that Mr. M and I were listening to an album of hers in the car when I first fell in love with that beautiful voice. I confiscated the album, as I didn't believe Mr. M knew what he had or fully appreciated the beautiful voice the way it deserves to be appreciated. 16 years later, I have collected all of her albums. Some have hauntingly beautiful vocals that bring tears to my eyes. Some songs are hip-hop and feature rap artists. Some are in Spanish. Some are covers of jazz standards, duets with Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chrissy Hines . . . Gloria's versatility is amazing.

This Musical Moment post was inspired by Life With Blondie. Don't ask me to make a link to that, I don't know how and I don't think I can learn. I have been learning a lot of new technological stuff lately, and I'm afraid my brain is now at full technological capacity. It may be a while before I can learn any new technological feat.

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Alida dijo...

I can pick up a spatula and sing along with Gloria Estefan too! Just the thought of that made me smile.

joy and blessings to you,

The White Wave dijo...

I'm glad you have good taste!

Genie dijo...

How to link a song or page: It might be more than you want to know right now, but, later when you're hungry for knowledge? Take a bite of this ;)

1- When you're composing on Blogger, look at the tool bar at the top of the page. Click SECOND TO THE RIGHT of the blue word that says "Link"--it's a picture of a clapper board. (When you hover over it, it says "insert a video.") Look to the right of that page, and click "From You Tube." (It's under the word highlighted in red, "Upload")

2-Type in the song and artist you want, hit the search button. Select the song you like from the search with a click.

3- Click the blue word at the bottom right, "Select."

Viola! (yes, the instrument ;) You have it!