domingo, mayo 20, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Life could be so easy! Why so many make life so unnecessarily complicated is beyond me! In ongoing efforts to learn and study Spanish, I have bought myself a Spanish Bible, both testaments, with no English translation. This has caused me to read more slowly and carefully, which is a very good thing . . . because it's the Bible, a book we never want to read quickly or carelessly. I am memorizing Psalm 1 in Spanish, and I've just started reading Deuteronomy. Psalm 1 tells of the blessed and prosperous life of one who reads God's word and meditates on it, and applies the Bible to his life. In Deuteronomy 5, we have the 10 Commandments, rules to govern the lives of God's chosen people, which He gave them "so that they would live and prosper and their days would be prolonged in the land." God gave them rules for their good. Today God still gives us rules for our good. If we would follow His law, our relationships and our homes would go smoothly, we would find purpose in our work and enjoy it, and, ultimately, we would find peace and salvation in Jesus Christ. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when we obey God. God loves us and He's given us laws so that we might find the pleasant and prosperous life He can give us. It will be to our great benefit to obey Him.

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Only by His Grace dijo...

Oh, I really like this! It goes right along with what I am writing about. I would love to add a link to your post in my blog.

The White Wave dijo...

I would love that! Thank you!

Only by His Grace dijo...

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