viernes, junio 08, 2012

Coffeehouses of the Desert: A Guided Tour

There is a certain coffeehouse in the desert (we'll call it c.h.#1) that I've been wanting to try for many moons (ever since my friend L.M. told me they make a mean (meaning delicious) raspberry/white chocolate mocha. So, I drove to the desert last week and collected my friend L.E., and we went to c.h.#1. However, the glowing orange sunset over the vast fields of cacti was so beautiful, especially when combined with the warm desert breeze, that c.h.#1, lacking outdoor seating, seemed totally unfit in this scenario; so we proceeded to c.h.#2, which offered not only outdoor tables, but tables with fire pits in the middle. It was here at c.h.#2 that M.T. joined me and L.E. The three of us talked and talked while we sat by the fire. We were enjoying the company and the conversation and the beautiful outdoor setting. We were enjoying all that so much, in fact, that we forgot to order coffee; and now they were closing and asking us to leave. Right about this time is when we decided we'd like to get coffee, so we drove to a third coffeehouse. J.P. and L.M. met us at c.h.#3. (They had been at c.h.#1, waiting to meet us, but we didn't know that, so they just got coffee there and hung out until that coffeehouse closed. SO, they were still in the area, and able to meet us at c.h.#3 without too much inconvenience.) So L.E., M.T., J.P., L.M. and myself were now all together, enjoying the outdoors at c.h.#3. We sat, sipping our drinks and laughing and talking. We were there for a long while, well past their closing time. And that concluded our late-night tour of coffeehouses of the desert.

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