jueves, junio 07, 2012


I just started an anthology by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, with an introduction by John Mortimer. As with many books I've read recently, I found the introduction to be entirely engrossing, humorous and thoughtful. Mr. Mortimer says that making people laugh is one of the greatest gifts a writer can give to people. This is something Wodehouse excelled at. In the brief introduction, I learned that Wodehouse was a prisoner of war for many years, and he never failed to see the humor even in that. That is why I am writing today - not that I am a prisoner of war, but I am housebound as I recuperate from injuries sustained while walking Rufus. I made a spectacular dive into the pavement when Rufus unexpectedly shot off at lightning speed to sniff the neighbor's dog's poop. Luckily, my injuries didn't prevent me from going out for burritos with my friend yesterday, but I am making a concerted effort to rest and to grow back some skin today. If Wodehouse could entertain his audience from a jail cell, surely I can take some time to update my blog. Mr. Mortimer said Wodehouse could be happy under any circumstances as long as there was a pen and paper nearby. I say, "Amen" to that.

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Laurie dijo...

OUCH! Rest up and enjoy your book. Now you've made me smile from your description of the mishap. Dogs are wonderful and a "pain" too sometimes.

The White Wave dijo...

EEE. I am now sporting a cowboy bandaid on my right index finger, thanks to a husband who (wrongly) calls me stubborn. I just hope I'm in tip-top shape for the air filter factory tour tomorrow!