jueves, junio 21, 2012

A Hat and a Mystery.

I love mysteries. Sherlock Holmes is one of my all time favorite fictional guys. I also love hats. I have a very respectable collection of outrageous hats for outrageous occasions. I also have sensible hats for more mundane occasions that call for a hat. These two loves came together this morning while doing yoga. I discovered a hat under the table. I don't want to go into much detail in case the owner of the hat reads my blog (although if it is who I think it is, she doesn't), and one of the maxims I live by is "finders, keepers." The hat was left under a table. I have no idea when. I do believe the hat-finding incidence to be providential, though, as Mr. M & I are going on a vacation tomorrow. This whole providential finding of unnecessary but nice comforts reminds me of the time I was in high school, and I was leaving for a mountain retreat the next day. Providentially, someone left their boots in gym class, and they were just my size! When I was at the snowy weekend retreat, I was so glad to have those boots. (Don't worry; I put them back in the lost and found on Monday, and with a few dollars shoved in the toe to legitimize the whole thing.) This hat-finding is also not unlike the spoon-finding I did when I discovered someone had left their spoon at my house. I figured it must have belonged to a good friend, so I have kept it for sentimental reasons. With the hat, though, it does give me pause. I have recently fallen in with a group of girls with a lot of fashion sense. I can't help but wonder if, on seeing my complete lack of fashion accessories, one of them planted the hat under my table. Maybe they thought I would just think it was mine. Well, they greatly under-estimated my powers of observation . . . but that won't stop me from wearing the hat.

2 comentarios:

Debbie Crawford dijo...

The blessings of God's providence!

The White Wave dijo...

It certainly is!