martes, junio 26, 2012

My Proclamation.

Mr. M and I just got home from a weekend conference put on by our church and geared toward college students. Friday night's message was from our own pastor, and it was a history lesson. John Huss was the subject. John Huss got in some big-really big-trouble with the Roman Catholic church and with the pope. When I say that John Huss got in big trouble with the Catholic church, what I mean is that the Catholic church killed him. John was fortunate enough to read the Bible, and to read that Jesus Christ is the head and sole authority of the church. He shared that information with the pope, who didn't like it one bit. All the regular folks in the land, who had no access to a Bible, were under the illusion that the pope was the head of the church and that he had all authority. The pope was glad to have that lie believed, and he most certainly didn't want the people to know the truth. He needed to kill John Huss before he could tell the truth to the people. So he did. The pope ordered the murder of John Huss.

Huss was one of the first Protestants. He was proclaiming the truth of the Bible. In Huss' day, proclaiming was also known as protesting. Protestants both then and today are set apart from Roman Catholic faith for proclaiming the truth of the Bible. Being Protestant is positive and not, as some think, combative.

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