domingo, julio 01, 2012

Friendship Stories #2, The Famous Dancing Lemurs of Madagascar

I was reminded of Acts 17:26 this morning, wherein Paul tells us that God determined the times set for us and the exact places where we would live. There is a purpose for everything. There is a reason that I live in L.A. and a definite reason that I grew up in the 80s. (Probably because of the great music.) If I didn't live here, now, I wouldn't have met my friend who went to Madagascar yesterday. (By the way, the reason she went there was to study the famous dancing lemurs of Madagascar, led by King Julian.) Also, God had a definite purpose when He brought my friend, K, into my life. A dear family friend introduced me to K about 10 times, since she was new to the church. In order for said dear family friend to stop introducing us, I gave K a call, and we really hit it off. Our lives didn't look very similar on the outside, but we both loved Christ and His church, and the rest, as they say, is history. I've been blessed by having K in my life, as we've shared both struggles and joys. I thank God for His kindness to me in putting me here, now, and in letting me be friends with K, and my Madagascarian friend. Have you ever given thought to God's purpose in putting into your life the people around you?

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Beautifully Vu dijo...

Mrs M. I have often thought of the sovereignty of God even in friendships. He knew I couldn't keep going without a witty, generous, free-spirited, encouraging friend like you! Who will we meet next?

The White Wave dijo...

It's always been my pleasure to be called a friend of yours.