miércoles, mayo 15, 2013

Delighting Your Soul

Are you waiting for happiness? Or do you think happiness is something that happened in the past and is now gone? Is your soul full? I am tempted to think that the delight of my soul is behind me, that my best years of happiness happened back when I was young and pretty and newly married. Some people look to the future to find happiness in a job or a husband or a baby. The soul's true delight is right now. We just need to ask for it; we need to ask God to fill our souls with Himself. We need to find our delight and our happiness in Him alone. God is gracious to give us much, but we must remember to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Full and true delight and happiness only come when we find our all in God's presence and pleasure.

2 comentarios:

Patricia dijo...

I am happier now. When I was young I didn't know the Lord so my happiness then was a shallow pool not a deep ocean.

The White Wave dijo...

I am so glad you know the depths of true happiness that only the Lord offers.