martes, junio 04, 2013


I love bookstores. That should come as no surprise. I stumbled across a small used bookstore in a quaint town yesterday, and I leafed through a few books on writing. I'm sure my writing could be improved, but I am too busy reading memoirs and other non-fiction that inspire me in my writing. I don't want to overload my eyes. Besides that, I am working on a theory that you can either write or you can teach others how to write. I don't think I could ever teach anyone to write; I don't know that writing can be taught-either you can or you can't. I am forcing myself-and I do mean forcing myself-to read a memoir of life on a farm that is so poorly written, I feel too embarrassed for the author to even mention her name. I figure it is like a "how-to" on writing, only "how-NOT-to". What was surprising, though, was that the author was asked to teach writing to a class of 5th graders . . . and she did well! As completely amateur writer, I hope you enjoy my thoughts and the wanderings of my mind.

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Elizabeth Johnson dijo...

I agree. I don't think I could teach anyone else how to write - either you know how or you don't. You can certainly teach grammar and spelling, but much of it has to come naturally, I think.

wayside wanderer dijo...

I've taught writing for several years using an excellent curriculum with very good results. I love it! And some of my best students have been reluctant boys. But then...maybe I can't write. Ha! It isn't going to stop me. :)

The White Wave dijo...

Thanks for sharing your pertinent thoughts!