miércoles, junio 05, 2013

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Home. It is a slice of Heaven, a place to hang your hat. It's where your heart is, it's your castle. There are many different definitions for home. To me, home is all about choice. Being at home means being able to choose my environment. As for me and my house, we like quiet. The TV is on only when I'm sitting down watching a show for which I've set aside time. If a friend calls during that show, I pause the show so that I can give my full attention to my friend, and only when the phone call's over do I resume the show. I avoid multi-tasking like the plague. I realize it's sometimes unavoidable, but it's definitely not preferable. I've read many studies that show that as the number of tasks increases, the quality decreases. It's all well and good to read these studies, but who among us hasn't felt disconnected and hurt when a friend ignores us to talk to someone on the phone? Multi-tasking is a definite last resort in my home; call me The Great Mono-Tasker.

This is just one of many things that characterizes my home. This is one of many important things: doing just one thing, and doing it well. How do you define home? What values does your home reflect?

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wayside wanderer dijo...

What a great outdoor space with such bright colors. I am a routine person through and through. Nothing better than being at home doing home things.

The White Wave dijo...

I enjoy being at home, out on the patio. I also like living very close to great walking and hiking trails, and close to a lot of restaurants and cafes.