viernes, julio 19, 2013

The Comforts of Home

I find much comfort in my own home. It is the place where I go to be quiet and sometimes to be loud, it is my place to rest and my place to party. As much as I love and thank God for my own home, though, there are many other homes I love. This summer, I have stayed overnight in at least 3 homes. I have cooked (to be honest, I just tested the tastes) in another, and held my friend's baby in her home. Homes are good. Thank God for homes. God has so much to say about home in the Bible. Home is the setting for many parables and healings, and Proverbs tells us that a person's contentment to stay at home is a good indication of their character. Home really is a little slice of Heaven, for our home is built on the firm foundation of our faith in Him, and it is the place where we daily pray, read and meditate. We also use our home to shelter others and to share the love and bounty of God.

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