lunes, julio 08, 2013

Touching The Hem Review

From the very beginning of this book-even from before the beginning, in the preface-I was already riveted. The words could've come straight out of my own heart. Elizabeth mentions sin, prayer, faith, healing and the absence of healing-all things I've had to think deeply about in my life's journey with chronic illness. After being exposed to many erroneous and ridiculous opinions and theories about illness and healing and God's sovereignty over it, it was refreshing to read the right and correct truth about it compiled from the only completely reliable and trustworthy source . . . the Bible.
The book begins with comforting reminders of God's character, which forms the foundation for all that follows. The book is repetitive, which is good, because we need to be constantly reminded of God's character in order to understand any part of our lives. The book is cohesive, with one clear focus: thinking Biblically about suffering.

I was given a copy of this book for review. For more information on it, see

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Elizabeth Johnson dijo...

Thanks so much for sharing a review!! I really appreciate it! :)