viernes, agosto 23, 2013

Come On In, Bigfoot.

Mr. M and I threw a rager of a party last weekend. We invited our friends and neighbors, and had kegs of iced mocha. It was a great night, and almost without incident. Many uninvited guests showed up at the door, and they were all warmly received . . . all, that is, but one. Bigfoot heard the pumping rhythms and the laughter, and he came to the door asking to join. For my own well-being, and that of my guests, I had to deny him entrance. I like the big guy and all, I'm just not comfortable having him in our home--our home, the home that we paid for and that we can grant or deny entrance to anyone as we see fit. I didn't think this would be a problem. I thought Bigfoot would surely understand that I am not comfortable with a 6 foot hairy ape partying at my house. To my great disappointment, I got a legal notice soon thereafter. Bigfoot was suing me for cryptozoological prejudice.

In all seriousness, I must confess this is entirely fictitious. I just wanted to illustrate the fairly recent judgement in New Mexico where a couple that owns and runs a photography business there was fined after refusing to take the photographs at the commitment ceremony of a same-sex couple. The couple had religious convictions that made it impossible for them to condone the event. I don't see why they should have gotten fined for living out their beliefs at their own expense. Again I say, AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. They weren't hurting anyone. How intrusive is the government going to get? Am I going to have to start inviting Bigfoot in whenever he comes to the door?

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Pensador dijo...

One of the perks of owning your own business is that you can choose the jobs you will or will not take. In essence, this couple was sued for declining a job offer. And the government backed the lawsuit. Had the couple kept quiet about their REASON for rejecting the photo shoot, they wouldn't be in this mess. But since they expressed religious distress toward the job, they have been penalized. Not cool Big Bro. NOT COOL.