domingo, agosto 25, 2013

Believable Reasoning in Unbelievable Times

I've been doing a lot of thinking about thinking. What kind of thoughts should fill a Christian's mind? Thoughts that are Biblical and true should fill a Christian's mind. Truthful thinking is very important to God; so much so that the Apostle Paul equates loving the truth with being saved. (2 Thessalonians 2:10) Christians love the truth. Christians believe the Bible is truth. Christians also love their neighbors, and loving them, they want to share the truth. How do we do that? In the time after Jesus' resurrection, the Apostle Paul went into the Jewish temples and into the public square and had respectful discussions with the philosophers and great thinkers of the day. (Acts 17:17,18.) As Christians, our minds and thoughts are informed by the Bible. God has changed our lives and our minds. (Romans 12:2, Titus 3:3-5.) So how do we share with others this truth that God's revealed to us? We must think and pray about the opportunities He's given us. That is going to look different for everyone. Some people will write books and have huge audiences, while others just have a blog with a small readership. Some will go on lecture circuits sharing the truth, while others share the truth in their elementary school classrooms. We have the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. Jesus wasn't impressed with the guy who was given a lot of talents; in fact, quite the opposite. Jesus commended the man who was faithful with the few talents he'd been given. Seeing that the opportunities we are given to share the truth are really a gift from God, it is our faithfulness in making the most of those opportunities that is important-not just the amount we are given. So whether you are a best-selling author or an amateur blogger, are you being faithful to share the truth in love?

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