martes, septiembre 24, 2013


It's not just for kids anymore. We, as adults, need to utilize the platonic, friendship DTR. For those needing a definition of DTR, it stands for Define The Relationship, the super-awkward, dreaded, and sweat-inducing conversation wherein a young man lets a young lady know that he wants to be more than friends. Decades ago, this was referred to as making your intentions known. This awkward and scary conversation is necessary for all relationships, both romantic and platonic. I know that I like to know when people truly enjoy me for me, and when they just like me because they think I might buy their fancy kitchen gadgets; (I won't.) I do my best to let my friends know that they really matter to me. Mostly, for me, this comes in the form of giving my time; either spending two hours at a coffee shop listening to what God has been teaching them lately, or spending the extra time to buy some stationery and write a note. As much as I love and appreciate my blog readers, I want to have shared whatever it is I'm writing about with my friends first (in person, over coffee or during a walk, or even drinking coffee while walking, which is pretty undesirable, if you ask me.) I also consider my blog readers friends, and I am intentional and prayerful as I write, praying to encourage my friendly readers and to build up the body of Christ, and share His good news with those who don't yet know it. My encouragement today is for the health of your friendships, and that is to let your friends know that they are your friends and that they add something special to your life. Your friends will be thrilled if you tell them what it is specifically that you like about them, but you may need to work up to that. If you have never shared any feelings or emotions with your friends, you might want to start just by saying, "I like hanging out with you" . . . and then you can get back to arm wrestling.

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Anónimo dijo...

What's wrong with drinking coffee and walking? :-P

The White Wave dijo...

As long as you're in the sun, it's not THAT bad, I guess; depends a lot on the company, too.= )