lunes, septiembre 09, 2013

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, and Words Can Do Just as Much Damage

Have you ever been hurt by someone who said they were "just kidding"? I know I have. Proverbs 26:18,19 tells us that careless and hurtful words, even when said in jest, can be flaming swords. Thinking about this leads me to 2 conclusions: 1. I can only forgive the hurt and pain I've endured because of the hurt and pain Christ endured for me. Only His blood can was away my sin, and only His blood allows me to forgive sins done against me. 2. It causes me to examine my own heart, and think about the words I use. Could my joking be hurtful to others? God forbid. I ask Him to keep a guard over my mouth that that will never be the case. What about you? How do you use your words? To edify or to tear down? Pro. 12:18 is another good verse that points out that our words have the power to inflict pain akin to that of a stab wound. In fact, Proverbs is full of advise about the words we use, and I think that everyone who uses words in communication would do well to study and meditate on these wise words of advise and caution.

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