martes, septiembre 10, 2013

Ah, Portland!

My first geographical love is the desert. The barrenness is beautiful to me. The cacti call to me. I can't limit my life to the desert, though. I've said many a time with Mr. Tony Bennett that "I left my heart in San Francisco." Then there is Chicago . . . oh, how I love The Windy City! I have my heart set now on the City of Roses, Portland, OR. These favorite places of mine are all associated with some of my favorite faces. San Francisco is a yearly (at least) get away for me and Mr. M. A dear friend of mine who brings much joy into my life hails from Chicago. I went to Portland recently with Persnicketta, and now I see that my friend, Mrs. Fried Rice is there even now. I happen to know that she and her family visited Powell's City of Books and had coffee; I am not jealous, though, not jealous at all, because Persnicketta and I had coffee when we went to Powell's. I think I will spend today pretending to be in Portland.

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Anónimo dijo...

So glad I could be of help on the anti-jealousy crusade. :-)