jueves, septiembre 12, 2013

Man Vs. Bike, an odd Episode

Before going to a dinner party with extended family and friends, where I would need to be gregarious and extroverted, I took some time to sit by myself at an outdoor area to read. I was alone on the elevated patio, a hedge hiding the sidewalk a few yards away. As I read, I heard cussing. It's L.A., probably two guys teasing arguing, no big deal. The cussing came audibly closer. Soon, I could see one guy making his way up the street, cussing like a sailor. I saw him bend down and cuss with extra intensity a few times. Since I couldn't see the sidewalk, I thought he was beating up some poor guy who could be laying there, bleeding to death. "Should I call someone?" I stood up to see. That didn't help, I still couldn't see the object of all the hysterics and cussing. I didn't hear a second voice, so I just stood, staring, paralyzed. "Was he high?" Pretty soon, the guy picked up a bike, which I hadn't seen before, and vehemently, hysterically, threw it against a tree several times. To see it, it seemed like the guy thought his bike was demon possessed, he was so mad at it and violent with it. Then, he picked the bike up over his head and threw it violently to the sidewalk. After that, he calmly picked up some grocery bags he had and walked off as it he had not a care in the world. I sat back down and finished the chapter, and when I was done, I stood up again, and walked over to the seen of the incident. (I would call it a crime against the bike, but I don't know if that would be legally justified.) There was the bike on the sidewalk, once a perfectly good bike. Now, after the violence committed against it, the bike's back tire was all bent out of shape. My take-away from that was that I need some introverted time alone in order to have a story to tell when it comes time for me to be extroverted. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that since they are quiet and introverted, that they have no story to tell. Strange things happen all around us, all the time, no matter who we are. Quietly reading by yourself doesn't let you off the hook.

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Elisabeth dijo...

I did laugh out loud during that story, and it was fun imagining this happening in your neighborhood:) Thanks for sharing!

The White Wave dijo...

I'm glad the odd goings-on in my life amuse you.