domingo, septiembre 15, 2013

Pig Chases, Adulthood, and Bigfoot Costumes

Mr.M and I were on our way to a fine dining establishment with a young married couple from our church. (Sweetie Pie and her husband.) That's when the call came in for an impromptu meeting of the pig posse. With a church as big as ours, we have members who live in the heart of the city, and members who live in the outlying hills and dales. Our friends in the hills sometimes have problems with an out-of-control pig population. The pigs become pests, and need to be chased off their property. That is why our friend and Sweetie Pie's husband got the call. He is one of the premier pork pursuers at our church. After a nice meal and some dessert, Sweetie Pie and her husband drove off in the night towards the hills to join the other pig chasers. Sadly, Mr.M and I had to stay home and prepare for an early morning. We await another opportunity, though. Episodes like this serve to remind me that new and unexpected adventures happen even as we age.

2 comentarios:

Elisabeth dijo...

Hahaha! Thanks for the email notification:) There were no pigs to be had that night after all...hopefully you'll be available for the festivities next time;)

The White Wave dijo...

It sounds like a blast!