martes, octubre 22, 2013

Bigfoot's Big Comeback

It is fairly well known that I am a friend and fan of Bigfoot. That fact is known as far north as Washington, and as east as Virginia, and as south as South Carolina, and you can't really get much further south than a place that actually has "South" in its name. From whence came this interest in the foot, the myth, the legend known as Bigfoot (and sasquatch, yeti, the woodbooger, skunk ape, the yowie, and all his other regional nicknames)? You'd think my parents were loggers or hippies or cryptozoologists. No. My parents didn't give a flying fig about Bigfoot. I don't know how I got interested in this legend, interested enough, even, to write an elementary school report on the subject (with several hilarious cartoons and editorials in the appendix.) My best guess is that I was told spooky stories by friends on a camping trip, and I found the whole thing fascinating. After the report was written, I enjoyed a normal, Bigfoot-free adolescence. I married and lived a pretty normal and average life. Then, a few years ago, Animal Planet started airing Finding Bigfoot, which is just hilarious and entertaining as you could ask, in my opinion. The imaginations of some people are just hilarious. Some people can supposedly find Bigfoot in a picture of a rock in the woods. The shows are mostly shot outdoors, so it's like a travel show, plus, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization always hold a town meeting in these quirky, rural towns. Not to push my opinion, but it is the best show on TV. In summary, I have no idea how Bigfoot came into my life, and I have no idea how long he'll be around.

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