martes, octubre 29, 2013

Friends and Crabapples

It's been a while since my last post. I've been enjoying life off the grid for a while. I had to go to our country vet to get medicine and food for Rufus. We choose to go to the country vet because in the country, a dog's a dog, and not just something to spend wads of money on so that you can parade him around and keep him looking cute. Dogs aren't status symbols in the country. I love going there. Other drivers don't freak out if you forget to signal a turn, and everything's just calmer. Everything also seems calmer at home just by going off the grid for a few days, relishing in your little rituals and relationships and the other real things in your life. Lately, it has become a morning ritual to scan the back yard for any fallen crabapples. I collect them for Persnicketta, who intends to make jam out of them. This simple ritual is a good reminder of the blessings God has lavished on me both in relationships, and in my being able to contribute to those relationships. I will gather tonight with some women from my church to pray, and to be reminded again of the love God has shown to us by adopting us into His family and giving us brothers and sisters to care for us and to be cared for by us.

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