domingo, octubre 06, 2013

Credit Where Credit's Due

I started reading a book on the Holy Spirit this weekend. I was struck and convicted by this: I think the work of the Spirit in our daily lives is something that is far too often overlooked by Christians. The Holy Spirit comforts us, assures us of our adoption into God's family, He convicts us and reminds us of Biblical truths, He gives us gifts to help us love each other and He prays for us-that's my favorite! Ro. 8:26. In reflecting on this lack of recognition that is given to the Spirit, I plan to start being more aware of the Spirit's daily work in my life. At the end of each day, I will ask myself what the Spirit did in life that day. Did He comfort me through a hug from a friend? Did He remind me to thank God for a past blessing I had forgotten? How has The Spirit worked in your life today?

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