lunes, octubre 07, 2013

Thinking Biblically About Chronic Illness

I've been realizing lately what a huge blessing it is for me to feel well now. I have felt well pretty consistently for the past few years. It is hard to believe how unwell I was for so many long years before that. For almost 10 years, my health was so precarious and unpredictable that I rarely ventured out of the house, and my circle of friends was very, very small. My symptoms have decreased remarkably in the past few years. I still have the disease, and always will, but God has given me a wonderful respite from the symptoms. I hope this state of physical well-being will be permanent, but for now I am just so thankful. I do fear that the symptoms will come back and that I will have to return to my former life of isolation, but I remember Daniel and his friends, when they were cast into the fire after refusing to worship the king's golden statue, they boldly told the king that their God would surely save them from the flames. "But even if He doesn't", they said, "we will still refuse to worship your gold statue." (Daniel 3:18.) I praise and thank God for this time of rest and well-being, but even if the symptoms come back, I will still praise Him.

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