lunes, octubre 14, 2013

Looking for Bigoot in all the Wrong Places

For decades, I have been scouring the rough mountain terrain of the Pacific Nothwest looking for any sign of Bigfoot. All sightings of him are in rural and unpopulated areas. I was home today, taking a break from searching for the elusive creature. Being a beautiful Fall day, I decided to go soak up some sunshine with an iced mocha. Well, I wasn't the only one kickin' it at Starbucks with an iced mocha (no whip.) Bigfoot was right there, soaking up the rays. Why have I always assumed I need to get out of the city if I want to catch a sighting of the big guy? This leads me to question my well-meaning friends who seem to think I wouldn't survive a week without cable and wifi and paved sidewalks. Oh, the assumptions we make!

2 comentarios:

G-Ruth-A dijo...

Adventurous life is right! What did the other coffee sippers think of this customer?

The White Wave dijo...

Amazingly, no one even blinked an eye.