lunes, noviembre 25, 2013

Planning for the Future

I know, I know; enough about the chairs already! But it's about so much more than just the chairs . . . it's about the future: singleness, marriage, widowhood . . . especially widowhood. In Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?, Carolyn McCully gives the sobering statistic that over 75% of women will become widows, at an average age of 56. Just between you and me, that scares me to death. I am filled with fear if Mr. M oversleeps or is a little late coming home. I confess I worry about it a lot . . . in detail. Who will help me sell the car for a fair price? Who will help me dismantle our computer network so I can sell what I don't need? Will I change churches? Will I rent out rooms? I have wasted a lot of time worrying about something that may or may not be in my future. I want to invest in my future and make the most of it, not worry about it. To me, the purchase of these new chairs signifies hope and reasonable expectations. We've already used the chairs for one dinner party, and I hope to use them for many more. Mr. M and I host a big dinner party for our Bible study at least twice a year, plus there are big family dinners, movie nights, etc., so it is very reasonable to expect to put the chairs to good use. God says He has planned a good future for us, one that is filled with hope (Jer. 29:11.) Based on history, I would expect my future to include chairs-plenty of seating for friends and family.

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