jueves, diciembre 26, 2013

Life Only Gets Boring if You Let It.

I was telling one of the college students how pleased I am to find out that life can change for the better as we age. I always thought that settling into a home, career, family . . . basically adulthood, meant an and to exciting new adventures. I've (happily) proven myself wrong again and again. Relationships grow and change. Some friends quietly move out of our lives, while new friends quietly make their way into our lives. Families grow and change, and sometimes consist of new, undiscovered cousins and other relatives. We continue to form new bonds. We discover captivating new hobbies and interests. Life only gets boring if we let it. We must leave the safety of the shore to experience peace like a river; we will also experience sorrows like sea billows, but that is all part of the abundant life God has planned for those of us who love Him and put our trust in His Son. Let us all seek to experience this abundant life in the next year, and in the days that remain in this year. Carpe diem.

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