miércoles, diciembre 25, 2013

Christmas Morning Walk

A dear relative gave me a book of quotes and poems. Bob Dylan is quoted as saying, "Anything worth thinking about is worth singing about." If he is right, then I suppose the same holds true for writing; so here is what I was thinking about on my walk: relationships. I can't count the number of times I've heard and read that life IS relationships . . . and I've agreed every time. There is the most important relationship of all, our relationship with God. Also, we have family, friends, and neighbors. I was thinking about how we let little, ridiculous things interfere in our relationships. I've seen relationships suffer, wither, and almost disappear completely because of an unwillingness to compromise. This affects me personally, as people dear to me are willing to forego a relationship with me because of a personal comfort issue. I was searching my heart as I walked, pondering and praying to see if there is any area of my life that limits my relationships . . . I should say, any area that I allow to limit my relationships. We are in control of our relationships. If something is important, we can always compromise. Is there anything that I value over the people in my life? It could be my time ("Let me just finish this chapter.") It could be my dog, ("I'm sorry I have to leave so soon, but it's time to feed my dog.") It could be vanity ("I don't want to go out with you today, I'm having a bad hair day.") Today being the day we celebrate the birth of the baby with whom a relationship is essential, this seems an appropriate issue to consider. Have a blessed day with family, friends and neighbors. Thank the Lord for the precious (and even the not-so-precious) people in our lives.

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