miércoles, diciembre 04, 2013

Pioneer Days

When I was growing up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, we always celebrated Pioneer Days. Our little town had a parade and a picnic in the park. My mom loved the pioneers. She passed that on to me. My mom was a great researcher and storyteller, and she loved local history. Life is so much grander when you see yourself for what you are, the byproduct of generations, first immigrants to the New World, and then (in my case), pioneers settling the west. I've started reading a book of stories from the days of the pioneers, and I found a new pioneer book today: Pioneer Women, Voices From the Kansas Frontier.
This book was a great find, not only because I get to read it, but also because it reminded me of why I write, and it inspired me to do so. I write so that future generations will know what it is like for me living here and now.

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