domingo, diciembre 08, 2013

Synthetic Oil for The Soul.

I bought two new books in San Diego today. I thought to myself that cars need gas the way I need books . . . but that isn't true. I don't need books; I can function without them, but I function much better with them. A car doesn't need oil to run, but it runs so much better and more efficiently with it. (Actually, a car may need oil to run; I just don't know, but I know that oil is less important than gas. I think. At any rate, do keep oil in your car.) I am much happier now that I have these good books. I'm also glad to be home so I can sit on the couch and read. As much as I enjoyed our little vacation, it's always so nice and relaxing to come home. That may be my favorite part of vacation: realizing how good you have it at home where you know your way around and you know just where to hit the TV to make it work, all those little things that make your home unique. I will get back to my reading now, a book called Fields of Grace.

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