domingo, enero 12, 2014

Day 3 of the Limited T.V. Challenge of January 2014

I didn't think I watched that much TV, and I still think I watch a lot less than the average American, but right now I'd really like to watch a sitcom before bed. I just took the medication I have to take at 9:30 every night, and although I'm so, so tired, I'll just get sick if I go to bed right after taking the medication. The problem is that none of my allowed shows have recorded yet. I guess I'll have to write until 10 pm. So, I'll just tell about my day. Mr. M and I got up at 5 am to get to church by 6:15. Mr. M is on the sound team, so we had to be there early; which is not a lot of fun, but for the trouble, we get to go to Starbucks with the band after set-up and talk about fun things like how an eyelid can get temporarily frozen to an eyeball when you go outside in freezing weather. Then we went to church and church. "Big church", as we say, and then our Sunday school class. Mr. M had a staff lunch for the men in our college Bible study, so Persnicketta and I went to lunch. The gray and gloomy weather was perfect for tomato soup in a bread bowl, so that's what we had. Persnicketta then dropped me off, and picked me up again about 2 hours later for the evening service. Mr. M was pooped after his long day, so it was just me and Persnicketta. We got to the church early, and I got to read a little, but mostly I got to talk to people. Maybe I should add that the evening sermon was on Gal. 2:20, and our pastor also mentioned Eph. 2:7, where Paul tells us that the reason we are saved is so that God can show to coming ages the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in His kindness to us in Jesus Christ. I think that God intends to use us, His chosen children, to make known His goodness. I believe we are to tell-loud and proud-of the wondrous deeds He has done for us. For me, I apply this to my blog, and use my blog to tell of the great wonders God had done for me; the fun adventures He has sovereignly put in my life. (Spell-check is telling me I spelled that wrongly, but like I said, I am very, very tired--even too tired to correct a misspelled word, which is saying a lot.)

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