sábado, enero 11, 2014

Prairie Dog Dreams

I am a city squirrel through and through. I probably wouldn't last more than a day or two on a farm, ranch, meadow or prairie; notwithstanding that, I do at times dream of getting away from the hustle and bustle for a good while. Today, Mr. M and I went to a trendy, hipster place for brunch, and then drove the convertible through the Hollywood Hills. We drove on the hilly roads, and then back down into the valley, where we met some friends (college students) at an indoor trampoline place. They were playing dodgeball. We watched from a safe distance and took pictures. We have a few minutes to rest at home, and then we are meeting these same college kids (presumably after everyone goes home and showers) at a Cuban restaurant in the city. The activity with the college kids will either wear me out, or give me extra energy-energy by association, I guess. Either way, I wouldn't trade this running around like mad for anything.

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