miércoles, enero 29, 2014

Enough For Today

I think I will take a day off tomorrow. I'm tired of breathing, so I'm going to breathe a lot today-double time-, and just kick back and not breathe tomorrow. Of course, that is crazy and impossible, but that is just how we think when we spend a day thinking that we can rely on ourselves. God knew this self-reliance problem would plague all of humanity from the beginning of time. He had to order the Israelites to take only as much manna as they would need for that day; He knew they'd want to gather as much as they could so that they could take care of themselves . . . without Him. Just like we are so wont to do. We want to worry about tomorrow; but He gives us just enough grace, provisions, food, clothes, shelter, peace, safety for today. We need not worry about tomorrow. First of all, we can't do anything about it until it comes, anyway, and God will take care of us come what may. He allows us to dwell in safety, and to sleep peacefully because we know He has an unseen army encamped around us, protecting us. (Psalm 4.) We must take this truth by faith-the unseen army, the angels that protect us. Elisha saw these unseen warriors in 2 Kings, even when his young friend didn't. It was Elisha's faith that allowed him to have peace in his heart, knowing that this mighty army of angels would be fighting for him. Are we aware of the angels protecting us? Do we believe they're there even when we don't see them? This is faith: the certainty of things unseen. The Bible speaks of angels protecting us, ministering to us, and bringing to us messages from God. Are we too pragmatic to believe that, or do we believe God regardless of what we can see with our eyes?

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