domingo, enero 26, 2014

All My Children

Reflecting on God's grace in my life, I recall telling a good friend back in 1998 or so that I thought I'd make a better aunt than mother. I had a pretty good idea of who I wanted to be in the future-a fun lady that still knew how to get out and have a good time and wasn't afraid to do it. I also wanted a sort of a family in which I could invest time and love, but I didn't know if that family would include biological children. I am a biological mother to none, but I am a spiritual mother . . . actually, I prefer to say that I am a spiritual aunt to a whole lot of college kids. I, like a biological aunt, may not see these kids often, but I always love them, care for them, pray for them. Like my 5 blood nieces and nephew, they are always in my heart.
In Psalm 113:9, God says He will make a childless woman the mother of many. Only God can accomplish a miraculous and humanly illogical paradox as this. Reminding myself of His past kindnesses in my life and His faithfulness to the promises He's made gives me a living hope for a future full of His kindness and faithfulness.
I love the kids in my life, and I love that they keep me young, doing things that not many 38-year-olds do, like making replicas of college campuses in the sand, and posing for a picture in downtown with a girl celebrating her quinceañera.

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