viernes, enero 24, 2014

Fear, Faith and the Future

My greatest fear is of being alone and forgotten in old age. I have read that over 75% of women will be widows. Having no children, that statistic conjures up images of old Miss Havisham, a bitter old woman with only memories for company. I am encouraged, though, to read about Julie Garland, a young Christian woman who met and befriended the widowed and childless Mrs. Johnson. (The story is in Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt.) It is so good to see God's faithfulness to fulfill His promise of comfort to the lonely. (Psalm 68:5,6.) It is good to remind ourselves that God truly loves us and cares for us. This isn't just a doctrine or part of a creed, but it is a real, daily fact. I see God's love for me when I get to sit in the sun and read on a beautiful day, and I see His kindness and love to me when I see the furry four-legged dog that made so many long, hard days so much easier to bear. How does God love us? We can only begin to count the ways.

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