miércoles, enero 22, 2014

Life, Passion, Work and Rest.

In the past month or so, I've read two autobiographies about people who were lucky enough to make a living doing what they loved. Both Tim Conway (one of my very favorite comedians) and Melissa Joan Hart were able follow their passion, and make a living doing it. Unfortunately, relatively few people can make a living doing what they love. (If everyone just did what they loved, we might not have any janitors or trash collectors.) That's why we have hobbies . . . things we do for free in our spare time after work. I don't get paid for writing this blog. I don't get paid for going out to coffee with friends. I don't get paid to read . . . unless you count getting paid in books, which I get for free in exchange for reviewing them. I always say that getting paid in books is just cutting out the middle man, because when I do fall into some cash, I just go and buy books. I have found, though, that your passions will find you. They will force themselves on you, and not let you neglect them. I have tried and intended to rest the past few days, and during my solitary convalescence, I walked to a coffee shop with a friend and spent a good while there enjoying some good and profound conversation, and then she came to my house where we enjoyed some light and silly TV. Just a couple hours after she left, Mr. M and I had 8 college kids over for a dinner and a movie. The 2nd morning of this week's rest, I volunteered in an elementary classroom, and I went to a ladies' Bible study in the evening. Mr. M and I are planning to go to one of the college Bible studies this evening also. I am not good at resting. I've never written on my blog so often as I have in this time of rest, and I've socialized more than ever in my convalescence. Writing and socializing are two of my passions, and they will not let me neglect them even if I try.

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